Invasions Series
The fist game in the Invasions series has launched in Early Access on Steam.

You can now enjoy this classic boardgame, take advantage of a reduced price before its full launch later this year and if you want send us feedback to help us improve the game. Alternatively, you can also try the demo.

Translations in Chinese, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish are on their way and will be added during the Early Access phase.

Latest news from Invasions

Britannia variant with Ireland

We have received a new and warm welcome from the players with Britannia which was released last July 7th in Early Access on Steam. Positive reviews and feedback, and an already good list of improvements suggested by players were implemented. This is the way we like it to work. Among the great ideas suggested is to have a variant including …

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First update

Our work on the game since the release : *** IMPROVEMENTS *** (Camera) Reduced the lateral space that the camera is allowed to reach to avoid loosing the board from sight(Romans to Brito-Romans) Improved AI choices of which fort/infantry units to convert into B-R infantry.(HUD) Added Magnifier and Reset camera buttons(Options) Added Edge Scrolling option(Map) Reduced size of screen areas …

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Invasions - Britannia

Live over a thousand years of Britain’s early history in this epic game of conquest and rule.

$29.99 $24.99

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Invasions Series - Britannia
Invasions Series - Britannia
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