Avalon Publisher Weekend Sale on Steam

Avalon Digital - Publisher Weekend on Steam


Starting today March 24, 2022, 18:00 CET till Monday March 28, 2022, 16:00 CET, there is a Publisher Sale weekend on Steam, with all our games being between -50% and -60% OFF, as we celebrate Avalon’s 5 years in operation.

Take this rare opportunity to try our various games for less than $10 each.

More news


One of our most promising subjects, coming out on April 28th, is SGS Pacific D-Day, 5 battles of the USMC in the Pacific War. More details can be found there.


We are also about to release two other games, totally different from SGS, in the coming weeks. They already have their own Steam pages and websites (links below).

Britannia is the exact digital port (3rd Edition rules) of the famous boardgame of same name, made in collaboration with its author Lewis Pulsipher, and it will be releasing on April 8th.

Fleet Commander: Pacific is our computer game on the Pacific War inspired from Avalon Hill’s classic Victory in the Pacific. We had a successful Kickstarter on it last December, and we plan a release around end of May. The game is in late Beta stage, playable.


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