The Invasions game engine will cover various titles, starting with the most prestigious of all, Britannia, a game based on the boardgame designed many years ago by Lewis Pulsipher

Britannia, a millennium of epic struggle in the British Isles, from the Romans till William the Conqueror.

China, more than two thousand years of conflict in the Middle Kingdom, from the era of the Warring States till the Communist Revolution and takeover. 

Italia, a game covering the conflicts in the Italian Peninsula, from the Rise of Rome till the Age of Charlemagne.

Hispania, a grandiose epic of the fight over the Spanish Peninsula, from the early Carthaginian conquest till the main moments of the Spanish Reconquista after the age of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain).

Gallia, the struggle over France, from Caesar’s conquest of Gaul till Philippe Augustus.

Holy Land, a two millennium compendium of the wars in the Middle-East, covering the long Ancient era (from Pharaonic Egypt toll the Romans) and the Middle-Ages to the Modern Age (from the Byzantines till WW1)

India, the fight for conquest and control of the Indian subcontinent, from Alexander the Great till the British Raj.

Russia, many centuries of invasions from the early ages of the Ostrogoths till the rise of Muscovy under Ivan the Terrible.

Korea, the not so quiet history of the “Land of the Morning Calm”, from Ancient Era till the Korean War of 1950.

Corsica, the incredible story of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica, from the Greeks till Napoleon Bonaparte.

And more to come later…