Invasions Series - Britannia - Romans
Invasions Series - Britannia - Romans

INVASIONS is a game engine designed to represent long period of history in different parts of the world where scores of various peoples, tribes and nations invade, move in, fight and disappear in a vast struggle for control of specific geographical areas. The game engine works in solo or multiplayer versions, and usually accommodate between 1 and 4 or 5 players. A game of Invasions will cover a specific area of world’s history and geography, over a given period of time, usually many centuries.

Each player in the game controls several peoples, tribes or nations. Each gain victory points in a variety of ways, such as by occupying specified areas on the map at specified times or by eliminating specified adversaries. Each nation consists of several playing pieces, most of them armies; the player moves these on the map, and with them he may attack pieces controlled by other players. Such battles are resolved with the aid of dice, and is automated by the computer.

Nations acquire additional pieces through natural increase of population and through reinforcements from their homelands across the seas or board in the various stories the series will cover.


Most turns represent between 75 and 150 years (or more, depending on the scope of the game), but sometimes less, as they vary according to the thematic covered. At the end of total number of turns of the scenario or campaign played, the player whose nations have accumulated the largest number of victory points wins the game.

Depending of the thematic and subject of the game, a standard four player game take three to five hours, while the short three player game takes about two hours and the “introductory” scenarios – designed to get into the game – about one hour.

In most of the themes, the four player game is recommended as providing the best combination of player interest, interaction, and overall game balance.

The titles covered by the series will be numerous, and will start with the most famous title of all, BRITANNIA, a game designed many years ago by Lewis Pulsipher. See our specific page for Britannia description. Next will come other designs based on the same principles, covering subjects such as China, India, the Middle-East, Spain, Italy, France, the Balkans, Russia etc…