Britannia - Avalon Hill
Cover of the first edition of Britannia, by Avalon Hill (1987).

Lewis Pulsipher (Ph.D. Duke, military and diplomatic history) is the designer of half a dozen published boardgames, Britannia being the most famous, and was the first person in the NC community college system to teach game design classes (fall 2004). He has over 17,000 classroom hours of teaching experience including over 20 years of graduate teaching experience. He is a monthly contributor to Gamasutra / GameCareerGuide, and is a retired college teacher of game design and related topics.

He runs the website which provides supplementary and playtesting material for his games.

See also his blog on Gamasutra. And his page on BoardGameGeek.

You’ll find several videos on his Game Design YouTube channel on the topic of Britannia. See below some examples.

Britannia Classic design notes

Comparing Risk and Britannia

The Difficulty of Devising Two Player Britannia