Invasions – Hispania


HISPANIA is a historical board game that broadly depicts the two thousand years of history of the Hispanian Peninsula.



Invasions Series - Hispania - Map
Map of the game

Hispania is a historical board game that broadly depicts the two thousand years of history of the Hispanian Peninsula. The game begins with the Carthaginian invasion in the 240’s BC and continues through the ages till the key events of the Reconquista in the 13th century, with all the many struggles between Celts, Carthaginian, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Umayyad, Castilians and many other nations and tribes.

Hispania allows players to re-create this epic history, re-enacting important battles in some cases, altering the course of history in others. The game rules discourage players from making historically unrealistic moves, but also give players the freedom to alter Spain’s early history in important ways, creating countless interesting “what if?” scenarios. What if Carthaginian had not been defeated by the Romans, or if the decaying Visigoth Kingdom had withstood the Muslim invasion of 709 AD? Or the great Al-Andalus state had survived its fragmentation and reunited enough to withstand the Christian offensive in the 12th century?

Invasions Series - Hispania
Hispania Lusitanian Infantry

Playable on PC and Mac, solo versus the AI or against other players in Multiplayer games.

Hispania, using the Invasions engine, faithfully recreates the simple, fast and very interactive rules of the original boardgame. All fastidious elements of the physical version, such as population growth or rolling numerous dice in battles is simply and elegantly taken over by the engine, making the game experience faster and allowing players to concentrate on strategies rather than mechanics.

Invasions Series - Hispania
Hispania Umayad Cavalry

This version offers more scenarios, and later on DLCs with new characters, more turns of gameplay, the option to play on a classical medieval-themed look or a more modern 3D-like environment, more units and leaders. A set of variant rules will come also later as an extra content for those who want a deeper and more challenging experience.

Number of Players: 1 to 4. Multiplayer possible.

Number of Scenarios: 3, plus a grand campaign of 25 turns.

Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in basic version. German, Russian and Italian coming soon, Chinese planned when the CHINA game of the Invasions series is released.