Week 5 (August) Update


  • (Languages) Added support for German and Spanish


  • (Localization) Improved readability of most texts in Chinese
  • (AI) AI will no longer grant full population points to its vassals


  • (Retreat) Fixed a bug where a nation could not retreat from a battle to an empty region if only a leader and a unit were alive. Fixed a bug that allowed Saxon Burhs to retreat.
  • (Victory Points) Fixed a bug where VP point limits were incorrectly applied and displayed to the player
  • (Nations) Fixed a bug where a nation still had a turn to play while having no unit left on the map and no chance of getting reinforcements this turn
  • (King events) Fixed scale of image and text announcing the arrival of a royal unit.
  • (AI) Fixed a bug that caused a nation not to move any units and could cause unit destruction by overpopulation. Fixed a bug where a nation did not invade if all landing regions were occupied by nations belonging to the same player. Fixed a bug were AI units were left in the sea while the rules required them to land.
  • (Battle) Fixed a bug where AI could retreat a Leader, leaving it alone in the retreat region
  • (Move) Fixed a bug where AI did not respect overrun rule
  • (Move) Fixed bug where Saxon Buhrs were granted 3 move points if contained in a stack with a leader
  • (Submission) Fixed a bug where Angles were asked to evacuate regions outside of Scotland + Galloway on Brigantes submission
  • (Map) Fixed a bug that could cause the units to disappear from the Map
  • (Submission) Fixed a bug were the window asking for submission appeared during AI movement, causing a whole range of unexpected behaviors of the game