Week 2 Update

Our work for the second week.


(Localization) Added Chinese and Italian translations


  • (Battle) The Nation information window can now be opened for both opponents from the battle screen
  • (UI) The message window announcing that leaders leave the game now displays their portrait
  • (AI) AI of Nations without growth will not defend regions that cannot bring VPs anymore
  • (AI) Globally reduced risks taken when planning attacks


  • (Options) Fixed display bug happening when pressing ‘Escape’ while the Rules are open
  • (Localization) Added missing Portuguese translations
  • (AI) Fixed bug where the game could get stuck on second movement phase during major invasion
  • (UI) It is no longer possible to display the Information Window for a Nation that never enters play in the current scenario
  • (Battle) Fixed a bug where the leader still granted their battle bonus after retreating
  • (Roman to Brito-Roman conversion) Fixed a bug that allowed to select destroyed forts and convert them into Brito-Roman armies
  • (Submission) Fixed some situations where the players were not asked if they want to submit one of their nation while the rules allowed them to submit at that moment

Language and AI update

It’s been more than 2 weeks already that Britannia is out on Steam!

Thanks to your support and feedbacks we’ve been able to work on AI and languages with this new update.

What’s new with this update:

  • AI improvement
  • In-game languages added : Italian and Simplified Chinese

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